Vale Roth shared a postcard of his shocking physical change: he gained 15 kilos

Fitness model and former “Yingo” girl, Vale Roth, continues to cause a sensation on their social networks, specially in Instagram, where it already has 774 thousand followers.

In fact, on that platform she has shown her different exercises and diets that at one point left her weighing close to 45 kilos. However, his reality today is completely different, as he has just shared a picture of how he has gained weight after putting his health at risk with his thinness.

“First photo 24 years weighing 45 kilos (I’m 1.67) and today I think I’m 60 kilos or maybe 61,” Vale wrote in his new post, where he showed a before and after photograph of his body.

“You look healthier, more beautiful and natural”, “How strong the image but each process and change is good than rich to see you happy and well healthy” or “What a great change. You look great!!!! A hug! ”Were part of the comments he received.

Vale Roth’s post

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