Valentina and the French triumph at Eurovision Junior 2020 – video

Sputnik France

Daria Petliaeva. Sputnik France—video/

Valentina, a young French singer aged 11, offered this Sunday, November 29 to France her first victory at the Eurovision Junior. The 18th edition of the competition was held this year in Poland in videoconference mode.

The song J’imagine, presented by Valentina within the framework of Eurovision Junior 2020, brought France its first victory in this song contest reserved for 9-14 year olds. The 11-year-old singer, a member of the new generation Kids United, obtained the best score in the jury votes: 88 points.

What is more, she also won the hearts of viewers by scoring an additional 112 points thanks to the votes of the international audience. Valentina therefore came first in the two election categories, securing an indisputable victory.

Russia’s Sofia Feskova, also 11, finished 10th. His song was titled My New Day.

This year, due exceptional conditions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 18th edition of Eurovision Junior took place in Poland, by videoconference. The participants did not make any trips, their performances having been recorded beforehand.


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