Valeria forgives Ciavy | Business love outside of Temptation Island?

Valeria –

Valeria seems to have retraced her steps and forgives Ciavy after the end of Temptation Island. The couple entered together and left separately, however, seems to give a second chance to their relationship according to an indiscretion arrived on social media.

Ciavy’s ex-girlfriend had decided to abandon Temptation Island alone how much, during the days in the village she realized that she was not really in love with him. The many disrespect of Ciavy towards him during the past years seem to have convinced Valeria to take time for herself, thus ending her love story.

The reunion during the last episode of the docu-reality showed a Valeria even more determined than her choice, confessing to Filippo Bisciglia not to love her ex boyfriend anymore. Something, however, seems to pass Ciavy’s ex-girlfriend for a “Lier“. What is going on?

Valeria forgives Ciavy

The love story between Valeria e Ciavy it seemed to have ended forever when Valeria herself explained a month after the end of Temptation Island to be fine alone. Ciavy’s ex-girlfriend has repeatedly stressed how much she is taking her life back in hand now that her relationship has ended.

Valeria forgives Ciavy
Ciavy –

Of the words that immediately found support from fans of the program who appreciated the sincerity and the choice made by Valeria. A choice that seems not to have lasted long, however, since yesterday Amedeo Venza has uploaded a report on his Instagram profile to Valeria e Ciavy.

Ciavy gets what she wants

During the day yesterday, Amedeo Venza posted the report he sees as protagonist on his Instagram profile Valeria and his alleged flashback with Ciavy. The girlfriend after the many words against him, seems to have been spotted inside a car that seems to be Ciavy’s.

Valeria forgives Ciavy
Reporting Amedeo Venza –

In fact, the couple may have come back together just as Ciavy had said during the reunion a Filippo Bisciglia. The boyfriend has repeatedly stated to the conductor his desire to return with her and to fix their love story again.

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