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On August 13 it premiered in the second season of the Spanish series “”. In this new installment, the protagonist made the decision to publish her book independently; However, after being a success, her former publisher offered to buy the rights to the work, but this time without changing the author’s name.

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Regarding her personal life, Valeria divorced Adri and when she was ready to start something serious with Víctor, he offered her to have a relationship “without implications”. On the other hand, the publisher organized an event to receive its most recent author, Bruno aguilar. Apparently this new character would become an important part of the protagonist’s life, it could even be her new love interest.

Yes OK has not yet confirmed the renewal of the Spanish series for a third season, there is enough material for the drama to get more deliveries, since it is based on the novels of the Spanish writer Elísabet Benavent. For that reason, in Cosmopolitan they have shared who is Bruno Aguilar in the history.

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If in case Netflix confirm the third installment of “Valeria”, this will be inspired by “Valeria in black and white”, the story number three of the tetralogy of Elísabet Benavent. In it, a new character appears, Bruno Aguilar, who coincidentally also appears at the end of the last batch of episodes broadcast.

According to Valeria in the book, Bruno is a writer, has a son and is separated. Physically he is not as handsome as Victor, but he is also very attractive and the sexual tension between them is undeniable. Will the protagonist start a new life with her professional colleague or will she accept Víctor’s proposal to have an open relationship?

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Although nothing is confirmed yet, the aforementioned media decided to make a list of the actors who could play the character of Bruno Aguilar in season 3 of “Valeria”.


Ivan Sanchez He is a 46-year-old Spanish actor and model. He has that look of a mature man which goes very well with him. Bruno Aguilar’s character in “Valeria”.


Raul Merida He has participated in “Las chicas del cable”, the first Netflix original series produced in Spain, making him a good candidate to play the writer Bruno Aguilar.


Pol Montañés Enrich, better known as Pol Monen, is a Spanish actor who rose to fame for his role as Carlos in “Amar”, a film for which he was nominated for Best New Actor at the Goya Awards. We know that Netflix likes to bet on new talent, so it could be possible that he plays Bruno Aguilar.


The third season of “Valeria” It does not yet have a release date on Netflix, but it is likely that the new episodes will arrive on the streaming platform in mid-2022.

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These are the actors who could return in the next season of the Spanish series:

  • Diana Gómez as Valeria Férriz Henares
  • Silma López as Lola
  • Paula Malia as Carmen
  • Teresa Riott as Nerea
  • Maxi Iglesias as Victor
  • Juanlu González as Borja
  • Ibrahim Al Shami as Adrian

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