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Even a closed beta has the right to have updates and that, Riot Games has understood. On Tuesday April 28, 2020, the publisher made some changes to VALORANT, its brand new FPS. Don’t expect radical changes, but expect some balancing and especially, a little nerve from Omen.

In this article, we summarize the different changes of Riot Games on VALORANT with the patch 0.49. For the occasion, maintenance will take place from 3:30 am to 9 am (Wednesday April 29).

“You will also see the words” Competition Mode “appear in various places, but you will have to wait a bit before accessing them. Yes, we can’t wait to get it out too! “

Riot Games on the patch (source in French)

Omen is nerve

  • After leaving its alternative shadow form, Omen is now immediately vulnerable and is no longer all dark.
  • The radius of attenuation of the incoming sound of From the shadows has been reduced at 2250.

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Bug fixes on Phoenix

  • Fixed a bug due to which Phoenix could be teleported to an ascender (rope) after its reappearance if it had died during the duration of Revenge while being attached to an ascender.
  • Fixed a bug due to which, for a brief time after the end of Revenge, Phoenix could take damage at the place of his disappearance.


Photo credits: Breakflip

Bug fixes on Viper

  • Updated representation of the Toxic Screen Viper on the minimap to display the holes in the wall.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed Viper to cancel the animation of its Vipers Nest.

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Photo credits: Breakflip

Changes on VALORANT’s maps

Competition mode

As you could read in the quote above, a competitive mode arrives on VALORANT: “We have added competition mode and ranked matchmaking. They will be available soon. “

Observer mode

  • In custom games with activated cheats, a new option now allows you to browse the map through the walls.

  • TheSkills ATH no longer displayed when you see through the camera of a drone in Observer mode.

  • When you leave the camera of a drone, you will now return to the last player observed if it still represents a valid target.

  • When you browse the views of different players, Observer mode will now make you go through all the players of the same team before moving on to the other team.

Bug fixes

  • “Spike asked” ad will no longer appear after the end of a round and will therefore no longer mask the end of the round, which should allow a better view when the spike has been landed after the allotted time.

  • The announcement “Spike carrier eliminated” will no longer also display the announcement “An ally defuses spike”.

  • Fixed a rare issue due to which players’ weapons could float in front of them. It was way too scary.

  • Fixed a rare issue where player models in third person view could be out of sync from the server after the “double tap” of a defusing, which resulted in missed shots.

  • Correction ofaiming problem because of which some players who used a low sensitivity lost the possibility of making small mouse movements.

  • Fixed an issue where canceling the pose of the spike or picking up an orb could sometimes play the wrong animation of rearrangement (which was slower), which gave the impression that the player could shoot earlier than expected after the cancellation (the timing was correct, but not the animation).

  • Correction of the zone names of the map so that translations appear under the minimap.

  • update of Bucky’s secondary shot so that it now deals instant damage (hitscan).

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