Valorant trailer: Astra reveals itself and shows off its capabilities

Trailer Valorant: Astra reveals itself and presents its capabilities

Through this trailer, Valorant presents his new agent, Astra, who has the Astral Form skill allowing him to shape the battlefield but also to have visibility all over the map.

Available tomorrow in Valuing, on March 2, Astra will also be accompanied by its release of a new Battle Pass. Controller type agent, the latter can enter Astral Form in order to place stars on the map and then activate them and transform them into Nova Impulse, Nebula or Gravity Well. The Nova Pulse creates an explosion that disorients all players within its radius of effect, the Nebula forms a kind of smoke while the Gravity Pits pull players towards the center of the area before exploding, applying them Fragile state alteration.

Note that‘Astra can also dispel stars which will briefly form a false nebula. at the location of the star and will allow players to place another in another location after a certain delay. Finally, when the skill is loaded, Astra can select two points on the map and generate an infinite Cosmic Division to connect them to block bullets and strongly muffle sounds.

Astra will be available tomorrow, Tuesday March 2, in Valorant.

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