Valve is already thinking of a future Steam Deck 2 capable of moving games to 4K

Valve has not revealed the number of consoles Steam Deck It has sold, but it is clear that this console has been a success in every way, to the point that the company is already thinking about its successor. While the launch of a Steam Deck 2 It won’t take place for a few years, the wait will be worth it, as it takes at least two years for it to be technically possible to launch a portable console capable of running games at 4K resolution.

Logically, we are not thinking of providing the console with a small screen at 4K resolution, but rather offering the necessary hardware to make it possible. connect the console to an external display and enjoy games in the already standardized 4K resolution. It is clear that looking at the short term, some integrated RDNA3 @ 5nm graphics would allow to achieve this goal with an energy consumption that can be assumed by a device of this clear.

“I think that at Valve it tends to be very interesting because many of us want to treat this device as a platform that can be updated at will, and we can, you know, why not update it every three months? Obviously, it would not be the best service that we would lend to game developers or customers if we tried to operate that way, “said Greg Coomer, designer at Valve.

“We are already looking to the future because we believe this is a product line that will have a long life, so of course we are thinking about what we would build next, and we are starting to make plans in those directions. There is no design for team Deck 2, but we are thinking along those lines and already have discussions about where we would draw the line for our next iteration of the device. “

In the interview with Lawrence Yang of Rock Paper Shotgun, it was mentioned that the next console will come with 4K resolution in mind.

“[…] Greg Coomer: Getting to 4K and having a screen that works at that resolution was not really a design goal for us.

Lawrence Yang: And it wouldn’t have been worth the sacrifice. Technically, it is probably possible to create a device of this size that can output at 4K …

Greg Coomer: And run all these games …

Lawrence Yang: Yes, but what would that device look like? How long could I run those games for? How hot would it be? There are many things to balance and we are very happy with the current situation. You know, technology advances. Maybe in a year or two we will have something more possible. “

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