Valve would rather be left out of the Apple-Epic battle

Apple would add a new character to its battle with Epic: like Ars Technica reported the Cupertino giant summoned Valve, from which it requested a large amount of PC game sales information, arguing that the data was key to mapping out alternative distribution platforms available to Fortnite.

The doubles battle last year going on since summer when Epic’s most popular title, said Fortnite, was squeezed out of the App Store by Apple after the publisher introduced its own payment system in the game, bypassing Apple’s platform, depriving it of its commission. Although Fortnite had to go from the Play Store, known on the rival Android platform, for the same practice, the latter system also has the option to install the game from an external source, the Epic website – but there is no such workaround on iOS. Fortnite has thus been completely pushed out of Apple’s system, and the two companies have been in tension with each other for more than half a year.

The application, now under discussion, was filed by Apple back in November, but it was not welcomed by Valve, who was involved in the case. As the court letter found by the paper shows, the owner of the Steam platform considers the data of his own PC game store to be irrelevant in connection with the Epic and Apple case, and points out that gathering the detailed data requested by the company would require a very serious effort. a significant portion of it is considered a trade secret.

Information requested by Apple includes annual sales data for Valve apps and in-app products, Steam’s annual advertising revenue, annual sales of Steam-related third-party products, annual revenue and profit for the platform, and each app available on Steam. and the time interval over which it was available on the platform, as well as the pricing of each application (and additional products available in them).

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However, it doesn’t seem to make sense for Valve to give Apple behind-the-scenes insight, saying its own activities are not relevant at all in the battle between Apple and Epic, as it doesn’t make smartphones or tablets, nor does Steam content target mobile devices. In addition, desktop Fortnite is also not available on Valve’s platform, and Epic has made it clearer in the past that until Valve changes its terms of business, the popular battle royale title may not appear on Steam. The company also said that compiling the requested information and documents would place a huge burden on it – and Apple did not offer to reimburse the costs of the extra efforts. Although Valve disclosed certain information to Apple, it censored it to such an extent that it is essentially unusable for the company.

The war between Apple and Epic Games in the United States has already reached Europe in recent days, when the device manufacturer Epic at the European Commission complained.


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