Van de Beek Damn because Bruno Fernandes is the best player in the world today


Former Liverpool top striker Dirk Kuyt said, Bruno Fernandes is the best player in the world today. So it is not surprising when Donny van de Beek trouble.

Fernandes is currently enjoying an amazing career at Manchester United. Since joining last winter, Portugal’s top midfielder has recorded 33 goals and 20 assists in 58 appearances in all competitions.

Thus, Fernandes is practically difficult to shift other MU midfielders, including Van de Beek who was brought in from Ajax last summer. The young Dutch player must be satisfied with his role as a coating after only playing 26 times and only twice as a starter in 13 Red Devils matches in the Premier League.

Van de Beek’s situation received attention from his senior and compatriot, Dirk Kuyt, who had defended Liverpool for six seasons. Kuyt admits greatness Bruno Fernandes at once sure that Donny van de Beek still have a future at Old Trafford.

“I think Donny has been very unlucky because no one is a better player than [Bruno] “Fernandes is in the world today and Fernandes is playing where he is,” Kuyt told Sky Sports.

“I think Donny van de Beek has shown in the Champions League how good he is, so his time will come.”

It cannot be denied that the influence of Bruno Fernandes at MU has begun to be compared with club legend Eric Cantona. Manchester United legend Steve Bruce insists Fernandes is not yet equal because he still has no trophy.

“What you have to value someone over a period of time is what they’ve won. Now they have to play and achieve and win things like Eric, and in big games winning tournament finals and semifinals. If he does that then You can only compare him to Eric, “he said about Bruno Fernandes.

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