Van Gogh’s Ear hopes to do live concerts in December

“Everything changes from here until tomorrow, but our plan is to present the album live in December,” say the members of Van Gogh’s La Oreja. «The idea is to do a concert in Donostia and then in Pamplona, ​​Vitoria, Madrid, Barcelona and some other city. But let’s see what happens, if it can and how. Playing live is always the main objective of the songs ». The tour of the United States that they were going to do last May was moved to February 2021, but it is also on the air.

“The situation is complicated, and we remember our entire sector, because there are people who are having a very bad time,” says Pablo. «We take our breaks, but many musicians and technicians live from day to day, and it is very worrying. Let’s give back a little to the people of culture all that they gave us during confinement».

His goal is to get back to live as soon as possible, “although we don’t know how it will be and everything about the masks and distances generates a lot of uncertainty. But even if they are different, we are looking forward to returning.

On the previous tour, there was already a moment when Xabi took the lead with the short ‘So pretty’. The unexpected script twist this time appears in ‘During a look’, released as a second single and in which Leire and Xabi share the leading role in the voice. «We wanted to make a song conceived as a duet, and we thought about asking for the collaboration of a well-known singer. But, of course, Xabi comes to us with the song, he sings it to us, and we tell him why are we going to ask anyone for help if he sings it better, and has the intention that the song needs, “says Pablo. Why are we going to look for someone famous even though it can work commercially if with Xabi it seems to us that there is more of the truth? ».

If you ask them if they feel out of the competition, they respond with a resounding “yes.” “We are not obsessed with figures, but rather a word or a note from a song, there we can spend hours giving it a thousand turns,” says Álvaro.

One of the most special songs for Leire is the one that opens the album, ‘Doblar y comprehend’, “because of how the voice sounds and how I have lived the creation process.” And they highlight ‘Sirens’, «it talks about how we no longer have that shock of the police and ambulance sirens that made you feel sick to your stomach. It is about a mother who tells what happened to her daughter, without hatred and without rancor. We cannot forget what happened, nor the victims and their families. We must put the pain we have experienced at the service of coexistence, and look forward ».


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