Van Ranst reacts and speaks of “containment measures”, “do not take advantage of it one last time this weekend”

Marc Van Ranst once again calls on the population to strictly follow the new rules and not to take advantage of them one last time this weekend. The restaurant and cafe sector must close for at least a month from Monday. “A firm measure, in this way a number of transmission channels will be deleted”, explains Van Ranst.

“The example given by neighboring countries, France and the Netherlands, will certainly have played a role in the decision. I also urge you not to take advantage of it one last time this weekend, it would be irresponsible, ”said the virologist.

“The curfew will mainly discourage parties and illegal gatherings and this is again a strong signal. In Antwerp, the measure was very criticized at the start, but it worked ”, continues Van Ranst.

The number of close contacts is passed to one person. “It was planned, so it’s no surprise. The experts quickly agreed to this, ”the virologist said. “It will just be difficult to control what is going on inside the homes, but I hope the people will interpret the signal correctly. “

Van Ranst is convinced the new measures will have an effect, but says we still have to be patient. “I hope we will see the results of the first measurements within a few days. We have to wait another 10 to 12 days. I have good hope. “


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