Vanesa Martín: “Music is my argument and my oxygen”

Seven times yes it brings together the fruits of years of personal work and learning about the comings and goings of life, a brave foray into self-knowledge accompanied by memories of love, heartbreak, overcoming and interpersonal encounters. Uncovered memories of intimacy with a honey voice. She calls it a record “full of content and strength, paradoxically focused on live in these times”, and affirms that in it he sings “to all the purest emotions, since it is an album of universal feelings: passion, friendship, love, farewell, commitment, teachings …” Far from feeling naked before the role when it comes time to create new lyrics and sounds, the singer, for whom music can be defined as “my language of life and my oxygen, my strength and my argument”, admits not having any kind of modesty when expressing their emotions openly. At the precise moment when poetry and music intertwine, Martín manages to create songs that the singer-songwriter delicately calls “small poems to music with a strong lyrical charge “: And is that “for me they are two worlds that in some moments of my career touch each other closely, embrace each other and allow me to express absolutely everything with total freedom “ confesses. The return to live has been the sweet reward for so many months of effort in the recording studio, and the singer-songwriter is aware of the importance of enjoying every second on stage: “I am very grateful for what music is allowing me to live, for everything that people are letting me share with them at concerts and in general I feel very fortunate to be able to dedicate myself to what I am passionate about “, has assured the singer. The beginning of the pandemic was the reason why Martín came to consider saving the album, recorded in 2020, to release it the following year when the health crisis subsided somewhat more. Fortunately, the plans were different. “I thank my record company for letting me out and for trusting me because it is an album that in the midst of a crisis is working very well, as well as the concerts “ Martin claims. Consecrated to the thousands of fans who follow her music, she claims to be constantly active and inspired, creating different stories to satisfy the ears of those who sing her songs today, “the people who follow my music and go to concerts demand stories and content, arguments in the songs, it shows that he does not conform, and I like that “.

‘The voice Kids’

In the coming months, the Andalusian singer will continue to dedicate herself to giving away new songs and will continue to be part of the jury of The voice Kids, a project that has allowed him to evolve professionally and personally since he joined in 2014, “I have learned a lot from the children, from my classmates, I have laughed a lot with that innocence and that complicity between them “ and adds to enjoy watching them “grow” as they go through the phases of the singing competition. This year he has coincided in the program with the singer and songwriter Aitana, whose fame soared after having participated in the ninth edition of Operación Triunfo, in which she was classified as a semifinalist. Martín has underlined the artistic quality of his partner, whom he admires and appreciates “I love Aitana very much, she seems to me an artist who will give a lot to talk about, with an impressive solvency, very charismatic and very tender “.


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