Vanessa (25) suffers from visual disturbances after a migraine

Expert Kempa knows that attention to the disease has only increased in recent years. The association “Visual Snow Syndrome Germany” helps sufferers to get in touch with doctors who can make the diagnosis. So far there are no approved drugs or validated therapies, currently drugs are used that are actually administered in the treatment of epilepsy and severe migraine. However, studies show that these are only effective in a small number of patients.

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The 25-year-old Vanessa should also take off-label medication. “In a desperate attempt, my family doctor wanted to prescribe me medication that is actually for circulatory disorders. But I’m not a guinea pig testing any drugs.”

Research into a suitable therapy continues. “Since visual snow is a filter disorder in the brain, the idea of ​​the research is to use neuromodulation and current therapies to put the brain back on the right track, so to speak,” explains Kempa.

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