Vania Bludau faces police intervention: “I get angry when they catch up with public people” (VIDEO) | Mario Irivarren | ‘Magaly TV, the firm’ | SHOWS

Updated on 02/16/2021 12:46 am

The program of Magaly medina surprised by showing some images of an intervention that made effective the National Police a Vania Bludau and Mario Irivarren the last weekend.

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According to the report, the couple was celebrating in an apartment in front of the beach with several friends, so the neighbors would have called the police.

Vania Bludau and Mario Irivarren clashed with the police

Noting the presence of the police, Vania Bludau was arrogant, while the former member of ‘This is war’ he was more interested in going to the beach.

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It is kidnapping, yes … I mean, write down the name … You are all going to go to Ticlio, to Ticlio you are going to freeze to death”Vania Bludau is heard saying in the images broadcast by the program ‘Magaly TV, la firma’.

Well daddy, there is my ID. If you want to give me a fine, put it, I’ll make my discharge later, but I want to go to the sea daddy because the sun goes down and I can only until 5 o’clock”Mario Irivarren says to one of the policemen.

It can even be seen that on repeated occasions Vania Bludau verbally confronts the police officers and various rude words are heard in between. This fact has impacted their followers and so far the couple has not manifested themselves on their social networks.


Vania Bludau responds to her detractors for misusing the mask

Vania Bludau responds to her detractors for misusing the mask


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