Vargas against former blues who criticize youth: “I find it bad class”

After the harsh defeat of Universidad de Chile in the Superclásico, the historic goalkeeper of the secular cast, Sergio Vargas, launched himself against the former players of the club who criticized the youth patrol that Diego López fielded on radio and TV programs.

Ten years will be fulfilled, next year, since the last time Universidad de Chile was able to beat Colo Colo in a Superclásico. And it is that this Sunday’s defeat in Talca struck deep into the ‘blue’ hostsafter different referents and idols of the club stated that the institution is experiencing a crisis that could end, once again, with the team fighting for relegation.

The lay cast is just three points above the National Championship danger zone. A situation that has bothered historical figures such as Johnny Herrerawho in addition to criticizing the management of Azul Azul, launched himself against the defense lined up by Diego López, in which he included three youths.

“The centrals of the U, sadly, are not even for the First Division. Bastián Tapia is very young, the other Tapia (Ignacio) lacks a lot of physicality. Morales doesn’t know how to score and Navarrete on the right is practically the same”analyzed the ‘Samurai’ on TNT Sports.

Some statements that did not sit well with a former leader and leader of the university team, Sergio Vargaswho in conversation with The Mercurywas launched against the former ‘blue’ soccer players who were skinning the club from the comfort of their radio and/or television spaces.

Regarding this situation, The ‘Superman’ considered that “listening to and reading former U players publicly destroying the youngsters of the club, who have just played their first games in the First Division, with their criticism” is something totally “badly intentioned, bad class and tribune”.

“Even more, if when they played they almost never beat Colo Colo and they are largely responsible for these nine years without wins”he added, appealing to the negative record of the ‘U’ against the ‘Cacique’ in recent championships.

Despite clarifying that he would not give proper names, the former university goalkeeper gave great clues as to who his darts are aimed at: “La U did not win in several of those classics because they were scared on stage and they made mistakes that allowed Colo Colo to win. How quickly some of their origins are forgotten, that they were also young. How much damage they do with those criticisms”.

On the other hand, Vargas called for calm to the fans of “Romántico Viajero” and gave a couple of pieces of advice to the current board of directors of Azul Azul.

“You have to make do with what you have, because you can’t bring in more players, and that daily management must be carried out by people who know football, who are close to the squad and not people who decide between four walls”he expressed.

Before finishing, he detailed how he faced the crisis of last season with Rodrigo Goldberg, when they officiated as sports managers.

“We talked to the players every day and that helps. I talked with the referents and it was with people who had a dressing room, weight and experience. Now you look and if you ask me who has the authority to stand in front of the footballers and make them see what they are playing for, I don’t see it. That’s why I see the situation as very complicated.”sentenced the ‘Superman’.

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