Vargas Llosa highlights Duque and recommends that he take good care of himself

The writer Mario Vargas Llosa

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The writer Mario Vargas Llosa

The national president met in Madrid with the Peruvian writer

As part of his official visit to Spain, President Iván Duque had a meeting with the Foundation for Freedom and Democracy, led by Nobel Mario Vargas Llosa.With the writer they not only discussed the issue of Venezuelan migrants but about social policy and economic freedom. Duque confirmed the dates for the three days without VAT

At the end of the meeting, Vargas Llosa insisted on the good things he has been saying about our country. “I have much admiration for Colombia and now, above all, with President Duque at the helm, “he said. The writer stressed that here they are doing things very well, which has opted for the path of legality and the borders have been opened to good investments. He said that “that is the policy followed by the countries that have prospered in these years “and at the same time strictly subjecting itself to the defense of legality and freedom. He assured that what Colombia has done with the Venezuelan people is an example for the rest of Latin America and the entire world.” President Duque, I wish you every success and, above all, take care because I think there are people who are very interested in Latin America in destroying what Colombia, under the leadership of President Duque, has been doing. I’m sure that that’s the way of prosperity, legality and freedom, “said the Nobel. You can also read: Duque: it is still too early to talk about who is going to score

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