Vasco Rossi, mocked the deniers and evenings at the bar: the all-local summer of the rocker from Zocca

Throughout August he did not move from his Zocca, on the Emilian Apennines, except for the usual bicycle rides in the surroundings and a walk in the mountains on the Corno alle Scale. Vasco Rossi, the rocker, remained in his land, among his people, the one who greets him at the village bar, the one who keeps him company on mountain bike tours. He had said it since June: no holiday in Puglia, this year we stay at home. But the almost daily diary of his 100% “local” summer, Blasco gladly tells it on his Instagram page.

The “vaffa” to the deniers

Not at all afflicted, it seems, by the sense of segregation that has struck other fellow music stars (see Bocelli) the 68-year-old Vasco does not give up seeing friends and fans as long as he is judicious. It was during one of his bike training trips (which later became one of his stories on Instagram) that Vasco enjoyed teasing Covid deniers: Fott …, flat-earthers of the c … proudly showing that in his group of supporters everyone wore masks.

We must stay alive, healthy, and clear, until 2021

There is always someone waiting for him in front of his house in Zocca: entire families of fans asking for an autograph, old friends … Vasco celebrated it with them at the bar in the square on August 15th. And anyway, one post yes and one no, the rocker remembers the importance of wearing masks, he says to wait anxiously, like all musicians, for the moment when he can return to unleash the crowds with his concerts but aware that there he wants caution: in Italy, fortunately, small events are starting to restart. For those stratospheric we will have to stay alive, healthy, and clear, until 2021 he said a few days ago.

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Reckless life but with a mask

Meanwhile, Vasco, king of “Zoccaland”, as he calls it, lives in the present, dispenses poetry, thoughts, and confidences. Like the one a few days ago, when he revealed to fans an ancient and profound fear: the one that gripped him before going to sleep for the anguish of awakening. I discovered an incredible satisfaction: going to bed with the knowledge that I would be able to manage the awakening, well, it was a unique cool. Because in the beginning it was like this: I did not like to go to sleep for two reasons. One because I loved the night and felt like going to bed was just a stupid waste of time. Two, and this was the most unpleasant reason, because I was afraid that when I woke up I would not be what I was before I went to bed.
Other times, other anxieties. But he still has some unshakable certainties of the “Reckless Life”: that we will find ourselves at the bar like the stars … but with masks.

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