Vasil Bozhkov, who has a lobby in each party, wanted to do the same with Slavi. He refused (Overview)


Slavi Trifonov to officially include Vasil Bozhkov’s people in his lists, the businessman and founder of the Bulgarian Summer party asked him. But he was turned down by the showman.

It is unofficially known that the richest Bulgarian had a lobby in each party until the scandal broke out. In 2001, for example, through the late Stoyan Ganev and NMSS, an impressive parliamentary group launched by Bozhkov entered parliament. Kamen Vlahov, for example, who was a lawyer in his companies, had officially declared himself a lobbyist for the gambling business and almost succeeded in passing a text in the tax laws, according to which excise duties on gambling are reduced by half. His name was also associated with the appointment of the attractive Georgi Petrov as head of the state gambling commission. An impressive part of the otherwise sympathetic royal deputies were also supporters of the development of the gambling business. Many politicians have visited Vasil Bozhkov’s office.

In the early autumn of 2019, one of them is Maya Manolova. At the time, the former ombudsman was about to run for mayor of Sofia. However, the meeting became known a year later, when a photo of her visit to Bozhkov’s office appeared. Immediately after the photo appeared, NFSB leader Valeri Simeonov announced that the exile from Dubai had financed Manolova’s campaign. She admitted to the meeting, which, however, was not at her request.

“I did not ask for financial support from Vasil Bozhkov and I did not receive it,” said the leader of “Stand Up.BG”.

On Thursday, Bozhkov posted on Facebook, announcing that the programs of his party “Bulgarian Summer” and “There is such a people” coincide, their policies also. He therefore suggested that they appear with common lists in the parliamentary vote. Bozhkov’s party was not registered for the elections and he announced that they would run with a mandate.

Slavi Trifonov refused the offer. On Facebook, he reminded that his party will run in the elections on its own.


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