Vasilescu (BNR): I heard speeches in the Parliament without any connection with the economic realities

Where do we get money to increase salaries, asks Adrian Vasilescu: “How can we get out of this dilemma? Parliament says it must increase the salaries of doctors and teachers and the truth is that they must be increased, and the Government says where we get money and that’s Our conclusion is this: perhaps at least from this point we will learn something, that a Parliament will come to the House of Commons for four years and must make its program for four years from the beginning and fight, fight, struggles, so that this program responds not only to the political will, but also to the economic laws, because otherwise you end up doing in 2008, to give the Parliament with one hand and to take after the people with two hands “.

The NBR governor’s adviser criticizes the speeches in the Parliament that are not related to the economic realities in his opinion: “The problem is the following: where do we get the money and we end up willingly or unwillingly and the Government talked about it The issue is that when we talk about the deficit and I have heard speeches in Parliament these days, which have nothing to do with economic legitimacy, things have been said that have shown us that they are not he understood the economic laws and the realities are not understood “.

Adrian Vasilescu warns that “if the deficit grows too much, the country can no longer borrow or if it can borrow, it makes it very expensive, with very high interest rates, because no one trusts a country that has exceeded its ceiling deficit “.

In his opinion, “The government has the option of balance, because if the budget is as much as it is and some expenses increase, then it has to cut back on investment. This could happen if they respect this decision of the Parliament.”

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