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Vasiliev was delighted with the figure of the Valley

A fashion historian appreciated the singer’s fashion makeover in 2021.

Larisa Dolina. Photo: Instagram.com/larisa.dolina.official

TV presenter Alexander Vasiliev noted changes for the better in the image of the performer Larisa Dolina.

The fashion expert compared the singer to the protagonist of the movie Cruella.

“Larisa Dolina has incredibly transformed, incredibly built. But at the same time, something of Cruella appeared in her image. Maybe it’s all about the curl of the eyebrows? She began to look like a sorceress, but not the kindest one, but the one who can enchant you, ”Vasiliev emphasized.

Alexander Vasiliev praised the artist for her courage. At 66, she is not afraid of short dresses.

Larisa Dolina.  Photo: Instagram.com/larisa.dolina.official
Larisa Dolina in mini. Photo: Instagram.com/larisa.dolina.official

“Larisa is a woman with an amazing destiny and unique vocal abilities. And I think that it can be called the winner unambiguously. She looks young, boldly opens her knees. But let’s remember Brigitte Macron, she is about the same age and also wears skirts of this length all the time. So, she can, but the Valley is not allowed? ” – said Vasiliev in 7days.

We will remind, earlier Larisa Dolina in scarlet mini dress with sequins appeared on the show “The Voice”.

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