Vatican allows COVID vaccines made from fetal abortion tissue

The Vatican approves and validates the administration of the vaccine against COVID-19 since it does not intervene in any human or moralistic aspect

Monsignor Roberto González Nieves. (Archive).

Eduardo Najar
Latin Agency for Medicine and Public Health News

It is morally acceptable to receive vaccines ”, informs the Holy See and reiterates the Church in Puerto Rico to MSP

The Catholic Church and its greatest representative, the Pope, have always had a great influence on the accessibility of the various drugs that are available to the population in order to prevent some diseases, this in order to validate the origin and creation of certain pharmacological products and that there are no attempts against the life and integrity of other individuals.

As mentioned over the past year and in this recent month, several religious representatives from various countries, especially in Latin America, have emphasized the administration of these new drugs that were created to combat the pandemic that affects human reality and support totally the use and access to this medicine, since it has no anti-moralistic origin.

In December the high pontiff and representative of the Catholic Church Pope Francis gave a written statement where he maintained that the church promoted the new vaccine and advised each of the parishioners to access this benefit.

“It is morally acceptable to receive vaccines against Covid-19 that have used in their development cell lines of aborted fetuses during the research and production processes “

Moral direction

The manufacture of some drugs that were used to combat certain conditions or viral agents, such as those from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, where the use of stem cells from some fetuses that were aborted for the production of these drugs was directed and currently They have been used by three pharmaceutical companies to elaborate the cure against SARS-CoV-2, they do not have any moral judgment, although some tests were taken from inert bodies, the church maintains that this is not an antimoral action since it does not usually promote abortion, on the contrary, the Batican makes the call to the various health and scientific entities so that they can continue to validate medicines and advances that do not have to affect, harm and intervene human conscience.

In addition, a focused call for attention is made so that the vaccine can have a high probability of guaranteeing access, especially for the most vulnerable families and individuals.

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