Vatican finds out how the pope’s ‘like’ came to a model photo on Instagram

The Vatican announced last Friday that it launched an investigation to discover how the official account of the Pope Francisco He ‘liked’ a photo of models Natalia Garibotto on Instagram. Similarly, it was ensured that the Supreme Pontiff does not manage his accounts and ruled out that it was he who did the action.

Speaking to The Guardian, a spokesman for the Vatican confirmed that the investigation is carried out in close contact with the social network. Meanwhile, the capture of the ‘like’ in the photo of the model, who appears in lingerie, continues to circulate and has even been used as publicity by the young woman.

“We can exclude that the ‘like’ comes from the Holy See, and Instagram has been turned to in search of explanations,” said a Vatican press representative.

For his part, Robert Mickens, editor based in Roma of the English edition of the Catholic newspaper La Croix. specified that although the pope has accounts assigned as officials in different social networks, it is not he who generates the content most of the time.

“The Pope is not like Donald TrumpHe’s not sitting around using his phone or computer to tweet all day, ”he said.

“He, for example, approves of tweets but doesn’t ‘like’ them, and on very rare occasions he has said that he would like to tweet something due to a developing situation or an emergency. So it would have nothing to do with this, it is the communications department and how this happens … who knows, “he added.

The so-called ‘like’

On November 13, network users alerted the Brazilian model Natalia Garibotto, 27, about a ‘like’ in his Instagram photo granted by the @Franciscus account of Pope Francis. The young woman answered ironically: “At least I’m going to heaven”, and the publication went viral.

The ‘like’ of the High Pontiff’s account was immediately removed afterwards. However, the capture of the publication already appeared in different accounts and was also used by Garibotto to advertise.

On Instagram, the young woman shared a post titled “Today I was blessed”. COY Co, the company that she manages, did the same recently, assuring that it had “received the official blessing of the pope.”


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