Vaud: Green light and big money for the reform of the digital school


Green light and big money for the reform of the digital school

Nearly 100 million francs have been released to set up the digital school. A large part of this budget will go to teacher training.


It is not only a question of equipping schoolchildren with digital equipment, but also and above all of training teachers in their use.


That’s it, the reform is underway. The Vaudois Grand Council voted on Tuesday two credits for a total amount of 48 million which will be allocated to the deployment of the digital school in the canton. And this until 2027. The Finance Commission has validated another, of 46 million francs, for the purchase of computer equipment. Wi-Fi everywhere in the schools, tablets for the pupils or even interactive and connected whiteboards will be part of the basic equipment of all schools in Vaud. The reform will also go through the training of teachers, through 6 days of lessons for an amount of 36 million from the package of 48 released on Tuesday. On the program, the handling of the tablets, followed by more general courses on digital technology and its current challenges, relates the daily “24 hours” Monday.

For Vaud students, concretely, this reform will result in specific periods directly linked to digital issues: citizenship, fake news, image rights, dependency, etc. But they will also have courses in “computer science”, more specific to the computer language itself. Knowing what an algorithm is or even understanding “computational thinking” will be part of the school curriculum. The Council of State of Vaud announced these decrees last December. Despite the petition launched by teachers’ associations against this project, the credits were validated by the Grand Council without much debate, always according to “24 hours”.

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