Vaud Riviera: Blonay: three young people arrested for theft and damage to vehicles

Posted24 February 2021, 10:59

A resident notified police after seeing suspicious individuals on Monday evening. Police arrested three minors who have committed several similar crimes in the region.

The police arrested three young people also involved in other crimes in Bex.

Vaud cantonal police (Instagram)

Monday February 15, 2021, shortly after 8 p.m., the Center for Engagement and Transmission of the Vaud Cantonal Police (CET) was informed by a resident of the Municipality of Blonay that two suspicious individuals were searching vehicles.

Although the perpetrators fled before the arrival of the intervention patrols, police saw the reported individuals, accompanied by a third person. Thanks to the system put in place, the police were able to arrest three young suspects.

They are a Swiss national and two Portuguese nationals, aged between 15 and 17 years old, living in the region of the Riviera and the Chablais Vaudois.

Subsequently, the police found that a series of crimes of theft and damage to property had also been committed in Bex in and on vehicles during the night of Sunday 14 to Monday 15 February. The three young perpetrators arrested may have been confused for these offenses. The spoils of the thefts have been recovered.

The president of the juvenile court opened an investigation which is entrusted to the gendarmerie. This intervention required the engagement of several gendarmerie and Riviera police patrols, including mixed patrols made up of gendarmes and municipal police, dog handlers from the canine brigade of the gendarmerie and the police of the West of Lausanne.

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