Vecchio asks the international community for actions to restore democracy in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba

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The Venezuelan ambassador to the United States, Carlos Vecchio. Photo: AFP

Following the resolution approved this Wednesday by the Organization of American States (OAS), in which it rejects the Nicaraguan government for the alleged electoral fraud that could be orchestrating for the November presidential elections, Carlos Vecchio, Venezuelan ambassador to the United States appointed by the interim presidency, reported that the country also supports the multilateral organization.

“Electoral fraud, systematic human rights violations, and the need for fair, free and transparent presidential elections are parallels that the peoples of Nicaragua, Cuba, and Venezuela are experiencing”, he pointed the diplomat on Twitter.

In this sense, Vecchio urged the international community to initiate actions for the well-being of the countries of the region.

The OAS asked Nicaragua on Wednesday for the immediate release of the presidential candidates in the November elections and of the political prisoners.

With 26 votes in favor and 7 abstentions, the Permanent Council of the inter-American body approved a resolution presented by Canada, Antigua and Barbuda, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the United States, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

In a release, the OAS expressed its “grave concern” that Nicaragua has ignored the efforts of its Permanent Council to commit itself to holding “free and fair” elections.

The multilateral organization was alarmed by the deterioration of the situation of political and human rights in Nicaragua and the determination of its government to undermine the electoral process.

OAS advocates for free and fair elections in Nicaragua

In that sense, he urged the Nicaraguan Executive to “put into practice without delay” the principles of the Inter-American Democratic Charter and internationally recognized standards, which includes “the electoral reforms agreed upon.”

All this to hold free, fair and transparent elections as soon as possible, under observation by the OAS and other credible international organizations, the resolution details.

Likewise, the Permanent Council did not rule out adopting other measures if necessary, such as bringing to the OAS General Assembly the issue of the elections on November 7 in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua lives a crisis sociopolitical that erupted in 2018, when there were massive protests against President Daniel Ortega, in power since 2007 and who will seek another reelection in the November general elections.

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