Veils are returning to Kutná Hora, and there is a focus of coronavirus in Církvice

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People in the Kutná Hora region have to wear drapes again in public interiors, mass events are limited and visits to all medical facilities and homes for the elderly are prohibited. The hygienist issued an extraordinary measure due to the coronavirus outbreak in Církvice, it is valid from midnight to Saturday, said Dana Šalamunová, spokeswoman for the regional hygiene station, and Josef Viktora (YES), the mayor of Kutná Hora.

The outbreak appeared in the church branch of HR Partner CZE, its operation was closed. 13 were originally infected, then more began to increase. According to Solomon, there are now 39 confirmed cases, six more today.

“Based on the epidemiological situation, we decided to issue an emergency measure,” the spokeswoman said. Hygiene discussed its appearance today with representatives of Kutná Hora at a meeting of the city’s crisis staff. The number of participants in outdoor events must not exceed 300 and in indoor spaces 200. In restaurants, people must keep a distance of at least two meters. A maximum of four people can sit at the table, with the exception of household members or loved ones.

The measure applies to the territory of municipalities with extended powers in Kutná Hora and Čáslav, ie for the entire district. Církvice, Křesetice, Úmonín and Červené Janovice have previously introduced wearing veils in public enclosed spaces.

Contacts of patients from the church outbreak are quarantined and tested by hygienists. Initially, 100 people were to undergo the tests, in the end there will be more. “Primary contacts have been tested, but as new positive ones are added, we must also examine their contacts,” said Šalamunová.


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