Velasco Carballo: «It is intolerable to doubt the referee and the VAR»

The president of the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA), Carlos Velasco Carballo, rejected Wednesday that he doubts the performance of an arbitrator and what the VAR does, which has corrected 150 mistakes in 432 games this season and has committed 7 mistakes.

“When the performance in the VOR (room from which the VAR acts) is questioned, tremendous damage is done to the competition, football and arbitration. It is the most serious thing that can happen in a competition, which doubts the integrity of it, ”he said during the press conference in which the CTA took stock of the first part of the season.

Velasco Carballo showed his “maximum opposition and intolerance” in the face of this type of criticism when asked about the intention of some clubs to request the arbitration talks during the review of the plays, although he confirmed that Real Madrid did not ask for those of the Classic.

“We accept criticism, but we cannot tolerate someone doubting what an arbitrator does and what the VAR does,” he said.

The CTA explained that in the first part of the season the VAR has corrected 150 errors in 432 games, with 11 percent intervention in the goals. The system corrected 28 actions in the goal area and had 7 errors.

According to the data provided, the VAR acted in 6.59% on penalties, with 98.35 percent success and 1.65% error. In the offside the VAR intervened in 0.67%, had a success of 96.44% and a 3.56% error.

Its use for the second time in Primera has reduced simulations by 67% and 85% in Second, a category that has released this season. Protests have also been reduced, 11% in First and 10% in Second.

On the 7 computed errors, Velasco Carballo, who intervened accompanied by Carlos Clos Gómez, director of the VAR project, insisted that his goal “is to try to reduce that number.”

“I wish there was one day when the referees are not wrong, but the referees are human, the VARs too. Football with VAR leaves us 417 hits and 7 mistakes, ”he added.

He also spoke of the system in the Super Cup, in which his intervention “has been decisive. What would have been that game with VAR or without VAR, perhaps there was a millimetric offside and thanks to the VAR it was solved, but we have not heard anything in the Super Cup that has said that the level of arbitration has been very high. We accept it and that’s it, ”he added in reference to the semifinal between Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid.

«When we succeed, nobody says anything, when we are wrong, criticism comes out. If on 150 occasions they had come out to say that what a wonder and that thanks to this the game has been more fair … Imagine the balance: 150 loas against 15 complaints. The 150 are absolutely silenced, it is an anecdote when someone comes out, ”he said. .

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