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Returning from vacation can be a good time to tidy up and tune up your wardrobe for autumn and changing clothes. You don’t always have the desired space, so any extra help, such as that offered by vacuum storage bags, is welcome. Another element that cannot be missing in the task of putting order in clothes are the hangers.

Diving in the Amazon catalog we have found this lot of 30 hangers that registers a 4.7 star rating by users. It is also the most sold item in its category on the platform and those who have tried them are very satisfied with the service they provide: They hold the weight of all the clothes super well, sweaters, jackets, even shoes, I’m super happy with this purchase and whenever I need hangers I’ll buy these “, indicates, for example, this client which defines the product’s quality-price ratio as “excellent”.

Made of velvet and very resistant

One of the main advantages of this type of hanger is that, being lined with velvet, they are perfect so that the garments do not slip. In addition, to prevent the clothes from slipping, they also include some Non-slip notches in the area of ​​the shoulder pads.

It is an ultra-slim design to help maximize closet space and, at the same time, robust enough to support up to 4.5 kilos. The arched shape at the top also helps keep clothes from wrinkling when hanging. Its measurements are 0.51 x 44.2 x 23.7 centimeters (width x length x height) and each hanger weighs 66.2 grams.

In addition to the pack of 30 units, on Amazon a set of 50 hangers is also available for 23.99 euros. There is a variety of colors being able to choose between ivory, Violet, Grey, negro The rosa.

Velvet, in various colors and in 'packs' of 30 or 50: these are the best-selling hangers on Amazon

Buy from € 19.99 on Amazon

He pack of # 1 Selling Hangers on Amazon

In addition to occupying the first place of the items in its category on Amazon, this pack of hangers records on the platform over 26,700 reviews. Among the most prominent reviews you can find comments like these that affect the space that allows you to save in the closet and the convenience of the velvet finish so that the garments do not slip.

“Very practical hangers and at a great price”, points out this user. “They occupy less than the plastic ones and I’m thinking of ordering more because I notice that my wardrobe space is spreading more, in addition, low-cut blouses or suspenders do not slip at all. They have a velvety touch and an elegant ivory color ”.

“I really needed to have decent hangers and the truth is that I am delighted with these”, indicates Paula. “Before I had plastic, each one different and I had several garments on each hanger. With these, to begin with, garments with suspenders do not slip and also, being very narrow, despite having distributed the clothes so that on each hanger there are at most two garments – therefore there are more hangers than before – now I have plenty of space in the closet. I recommend them 100% ”.

Velvet, in various colors and in 'packs' of 30 or 50: these are the best-selling hangers on Amazon

Buy from € 19.99 on Amazon

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