Venezuela and Cuba strengthen cooperation in health matters

This coming, the Minister of Popular Power for Health Carlos Alvarado, held a meeting with the Vice Prime Minister of Cuba and co-president of the Intergovernmental Commission of the Integral Agreement of Cooperation Cuba – Venezuela, Ricardo Cabrisas, with the purpose of reviewing the map of cooperation joint health between both nations.

Ricardo Cabrisas arrived in the country last Thursday and spoke with Minister Alvarado about bilateral cooperation in the health area, which began with the Barrio Adentro Mission on April 16, 2003.

It is noteworthy that through the Cuba-Venezuela Cooperation Agreement, more than 13 thousand projects have been completed, with the participation of more than 249 thousand Cuban collaborators who have arrived in Venezuela in just 20 years of cooperation in different areas.

From September 2020 to January 15, 2021, a brigade of the Cuban medical contingent Henry Reeve provided its services to the Venezuelan people, treating patients who were infected with covid-19, thus demonstrating the friendship and solidarity relations of both nations.

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