Venezuelan indigenous people arrived at the Miraflores Palace to demand their rights from Maduro

The Venezuelan indigenous community Yukpas

About 300 indigenous people from the Venezuelan state of Zulia (in the west of the country), about 800 kilometers from Caracas, they are concentrated on Wednesday night in the vicinity of the presidential palace of Miraflores, where they seek to be received by the dictator Nicolás Maduro, from whom they intend to claim their rights.

The members of the Yukpa ethnic group, who are, according to several witnesses on social networks, about 100 meters from the Presidency, did not manage to reach the palace, since members of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) and the Police blocked the access.

However, for the moment, they continue in the place waiting for dawn to fulfill their task of speaking with the dictator, forward your claims and demand the fulfillment of your rights as Venezuelan citizens.

According to the non-governmental organization Provea, lThe demands they hope to make on Thursday focus on the areas of health, food, education and “better conditions for indigenous peoples” usually.

A group of indigenous people while protesting today, next to the Miraflores palace, in Caracas (Venezuela)

A group of indigenous people while protesting today, next to the Miraflores palace, in Caracas (Venezuela)

Part of the group sleeps on the asphalt waiting for dawn to try again to meet with Maduro, while the rest stay awake to watch over their belongings or prevent any assault that they may be victims of during the night.

A few meters from the indigenous people, on the opposite sidewalk, state security personnel remain vigilant to prevent the Yukpas from trying to enter Miraflores during the early morning hours.

Yukpa society is led by a chief, also called a cacique, who leads the group that tries to meet with Maduro.

The cacique is the one in charge of making decisions in consensus with his community, a form of ancestral government that is generally maintained by the original peoples of Latin America.

It occurs during the heavy rains that have occurred in Venezuela so far in November They have left three dead and thousands of families affected, without expecting an improvement over time as more rainfall is expected in much of the country.

Heavy rains have left several towns in Venezuela flooded

Heavy rains have left several towns in Venezuela flooded

Practically every day in November, some region of the Caribbean country has reported damages due to the rains, among which the loss of belongings, flooded houses, electrical failures, flooded public roads, overflowing rivers and streams and several dozen injured.

Disaster response teams have been deployed in the most destroyed areas, especially in the states Lara, Zulia and Táchira, all located in the west and the last two bordering Colombia.


From Monday night until the early hours of this Tuesday, rainfall fell on Maracaibo, capital of Zulia, which, according to the official balance, 25 communities were disrupted in which tens of thousands of people live.

The mayor of that city, Willy Casanova, explained to journalists that in some homes the water reached up to a meter high, while dozens of parking lots were flooded.

The rainfall has exacerbated the electrical failures that occur almost daily in this oil-rich area.


The Venezuela of the casino and the lights in Miraflores contrasts with the one that is dying between misery and the disaster of the rains

At least three dead and thousands of victims of the rains and floods in various regions of Venezuela

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