Venezuelan Prosecutor’s Office Charges Suspect for Terrorist Attack | News

The Attorney General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab, reported this Thursday at a press conference that citizen Richard Grillet Álvarez was charged with participating in a terrorist attack against the National Assembly.


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“We inform that on January 28 the oral hearing was held where Richard Grillet Álvarez was presented before the First Control Court with National Competence in Crimes Associated with Terrorism,” stated the highest representative of the aforementioned state body.

Tarek William Saab also stated that “in said hearing, the Public Ministry charged him with the alleged commission of the crimes of terrorism, treason and association.” He also stated that “Grillet Álvarez had a relationship with a former Girardot municipal policeman, named Mariano José Ugarte Mariño.”

When clarifying that both former officials have been singled out for the crimes of aggravated corruption and conspiracy, the representative of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic valued that “they are attacking the people in the midst of the imperial siege we are experiencing.”

“Grillet Álvarez had promised to carry out actions of sabotage, terrorism, theft of classified information; as well as facilitating access of extremist groups to the facilities of the National Assembly “, detailed Tarek William Saab, who added that” he worked as a security officer in the Division of Prevention and Control of Losses of the National Assembly. “

The frustrated attack on the National Assembly is part of the terrorist attack against the nation of Venezuela. The plan was organized by the Venezuelan extreme right with international support, including from the Colombian Government, where it was intended in the last days of December and early 2021 to prevent the installation of the highest legislative body.

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