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Venna Melinda’s Different Reactions to Relationships with Ferry Irawan, Verrel Shock


Lately artist and politician Venna Melinda began to dare to spit out his closeness to his lover, Ferry Irawan, Mother. Ferry even looks very close to Venna’s children, you know.

According to Venna, material and financial matters are not the most important things she sees in a man or companion. He can even be happy just by living a simple life with Ferry.

“How can it be simple like this to be happy, huh? So I feel maybe God wants to teach me this, you know, true happiness is like this, it’s really simple,” he said, judging by the channel YouTube MAIA ALELDUL TV on Monday (12/27/2021).

Seeing the closeness of this 49-year-old woman made netizens question how the family reacted, especially Venna’s children, Mother. According to Venna, the child Verrell Vramasta and Athalla Naufal didn’t really comment on his relationship with Ferry.

“If it’s Verrell I’m sure Verrell is more to him. His mother happy or not. If he is not going repot. Verrell sama Athalla, “papar Venna.

Venna also said that Verrell never commented on Venna’s relationship with Ferry. Venna admitted that Verrell was a little surprised by his mother’s relationship.

“Never, never comment at all. Because he (Verrell) was in shock,” he explained.

Meanwhile, his sister, Athalla Naufal, supports the mother’s relationship. He even said that the mother was very bucin, here.

“Athalla who said,‘ Mama, Mama Bucine, huh?’ like that being teased. “Mama’s face has never been like this,” said Venna Melinda.

Not only that, Mother. Venna admitted that he would fully support Ferry for a career. She is even willing to give up politics to become an obedient wife to her husband.

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