Vera Sotnikova was admitted to the hospital

The actress shared footage from the hospital ward.

Vera Sotnikova. Photo:

Vera Sotnikova is an actress of theater and cinema. She has appeared in fifty different films. At the same time, the actress also plays in the theater. At the beginning of summer, she saw Andrei Malakhov, and the other day she told how she saves her cat from the heat. No one suspected that the artist would soon be in the hospital. But on June 28, she announced that she was hospitalized. The star did not hide that she was infected coronavirus.

Vera, 60, captured her hospital room on camera. She herself is under droppers. Apparently, the actress is being treated in a private clinic, since she has a separate ward.

“I thought I would skip. Who, who, but not me. The irony of fate: I was going to have the first vaccination last Monday and two weeks later to get the second in order to get a certificate and … to go to the Cannes Film Festival. Exactly on Monday it got so bad. I twisted my arms and legs, the skin all over my body ached, my throat was torn, fever, high blood pressure, etc. ” – said Sotnikova.

The fans wished the artist a speedy recovery. It is worth adding that over the past year, many stars have had coronavirus: Alexander Buinov, Nadezhda Babkina, Philip Kirkorov, as well as other famous people. The singer has been in the hospital with pneumonia for a week Maxim. Note that the third wave of the pandemic began in Moscow. The city authorities have already announced new security measures and restrictions. Nevertheless, the number of cases is increasing every day.

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