Véran puts on the gloves and vaccinates: the government’s coup to convince the hesitant

Olivier Véran has become accustomed to using his stuff as a doctor for the benefit of the minister. In front of the cameras, the vaccination VRP returns to the hospital, puts on the gloves and symbolically stings his arms to inject a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. This Tuesday, the Secretary of State in charge of the Social and Solidarity Economy readily lent itself to the game. Pregnant, Olivia Grégoire posted a photo of her on Twitter, with a clear message: “Pregnancy does not protect against the Covid-19, the vaccine if. “

Immediately vaccinate “hesitant” people, people at risk and pregnant women: the authorities continue the race against Covid-19 and the very virulent Delta variant to go beyond the 50% mark of fully vaccinated French people who should to be crossed shortly.

Towards a development of the health pass for pregnant women?

While vaccination is only open to pregnant women from the second trimester of pregnancy since April, Olivier Véran recently argued that the onset of pregnancy was in no way an obstacle to vaccination against Covid-19.

For pregnant women, cautious about the vaccine, the extension of the health pass was a real blow. On July 19, government spokesman Gabriel Attal promised “clarifications in the coming days” so that pregnant women are not “penalized” by the health pass and that they do not have to “take tests. every two days “.

The arrangement would concern women who are less than three months pregnant. More than a week after this announcement, the situation remains unclear.

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