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BOLZANO. Climate protection, social justice, democratic pluralism and civil rights: these are the cornerstones of Green policy across Europe. They will also be the priorities of the South Tyrolean Greens in the next provincial elections in October. Today, Saturday 1st April, during an internal workshop of the Provincial Coordination, the composition of the Green list began.

Brigitte Foppa, group leader in the Provincial Council, was designated as the first list leader. He will then bring his candidacy, together with the rest of the management team, to the provincial assembly to be held on 22 April.

Foppa, 54 years old, Provincial councilor for 9 years, is a well-known figure in South Tyrolean politics. Under his leadership, the Greens of South Tyrol were admitted into the family of European Greens.

Now he wants to lead the Greens to a double-digit election result. “Surveys confirm that we can double the result of five years ago. It is time for South Tyrol to have a government openly on the side of the climate. And the Greens are a guarantee for real climate protection, for the protection of our mountain landscape, for democratic pluralism and social balance. We have repeatedly demonstrated our values ​​and commitment in recent years,” says Brigitte Foppa.

Its guiding principle is: “It’s the attitude that counts.” By this he refers to respect, civil courage and a sense of responsibility. It is precisely with this attitude that you and the Greens are commonly associated. And it is with this attitude that the list will be composed. Over the next few weeks, more nominees and nominees will introduce themselves to the audience and explain their programmatic priorities.

On April 22, exactly 6 months before the elections, the base of the party will vote for the first part of the list during the Provincial Assembly. “Our eco-social policy and expertise on climate crisis issues have attracted many beautiful people who are willing to take responsibility. We are looking forward to introducing them one by one to the public and facing the provincial elections together. Now more than ever there is a need for the Greens”, concludes Foppa.

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