Verdi trade unionists demand consistent course (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

In an appeal widespread on the Internet, union members demand from Verdi negotiator Frank Werneke a consistent course in current collective bargaining in the public sector (TVöD):

The current collective bargaining is taking place amid the pandemic and economic crisis. However, the crisis did not arise through Corona, but the logical consequence of an unjust system: Now of all times the major shareholders and capital owners are getting richer, while we have to fight for every percent more wages.

It is not the managers and the super-rich, but us employees who get everyone in the hospitals through the pandemic safely or safely and environmentally friendly to work every day on the buses and subways. Nothing works without us!

(…) A few months ago we were still “hero: inside”, now our strikes are supposedly “irresponsible” and our demands are “unreasonable”. But we don’t let such agitation get us down. Right now in times of crisis it is urgently necessary to strike! We demand from the Verdi federal executive board and the members of the tariff commission:

1. Full enforcement of the demands for 4.8 percent for one year and 150 euros fixed amount. No termination of the strikes!

Verdi chairman Frank Werneke spoke to the world said that we “probably won’t finish at 4.8 percent”. We disagree: so that we workers do not pay the costs of the crisis, the demands must be fully enforced in collective bargaining. The term must not be longer than one year. We cannot settle for less and are ready to continue and expand the strikes.

2. We fight and win together: No separate care completion!

Werneke also says: “And we want to achieve something for the hospitals, nursing and health departments in addition to the general increase. That is why there are separate negotiations for this area. «We see it differently: The public service must not be further divided by pitting the interests of the employees against each other and there is a separate conclusion for care. (…)

3. Democratic decisions in strike meetings about the strikes and the conclusion!

It is not the federal executive board or the collective bargaining commission alone that should decide whether the negotiations are to be ended. We workers want to decide for ourselves whether we agree with a negotiation result from the collective bargaining commission, or whether we have to continue the strikes and how we have to lead them so that they are effective. For this we need democratic strike assemblies in all affected companies with binding results. (…)

4. Joint mobilizations with colleagues from retail and industry!

We all want to strike together, whether in the TVöD or in an outsourced subsidiary. But so far the Verdi leadership has not called for joint strikes with outsourced colleagues, such as the employees of Charité Facility Management GmbH in Berlin who are fighting for integration into the TVöD.

This division does not only exist in the hospital, but between different sectors. (…) We want to defend ourselves in solidarity against the consequences of the crisis. That is why we call for joint meetings with striking workers from other companies and also with colleagues who are threatened with layoffs in order to discuss a common plan of action.


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