Verrell Bramasta Claims to Kiss Nikita Mirzani’s Anu,… – Handsome actor Verrell Bramasta is one of the men who have kissed the hidden body parts of the sexy actress Nikita Mirzani.

The surprising moment was known through a video reported by from video Nikita Mirzani on his Instagram account, Monday (27/9).

Verrell Bramasta immediately became a hot topic for netizens, when he was caught kissing the part of Anu which is usually hairy.

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Nikita Mirzani was also proud to show a video when Verrell Bramasta was the guest star of the program he was guiding, namely Nih Kita Kepo.

In a Nih Kita Kepo session, Nikita Mirzani asked about the incident where Verrell Bramasta kissed Febby Rastanty’s armpit.

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Verrell Bramasta admitted that at that time they were playing truth or dare.

While listening to Verrell Bramasta explain this, Nikita Mirzani suddenly challenged Verrell Bramasta to kiss his armpit.

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“Verrell kissed Nikita Mirzani’s armpit,” said Nikita Mirzani

Watch this video:


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