“Verrue de Bel-Air” – Activists want to open the building to the homeless

The buildings of a building at the corner of Place Bel-Air were occupied on Friday by protesters who are asking the canton to maintain the 212 emergency accommodation beds linked to the Covid-19 crisis.

Activists have invested in a building on Place Bel-Air intended to help and welcome people in need.


Activists occupied the premises of a building at the corner of Place Bel-Air / Mauborget in Lausanne late Friday. They responded to the Call 212 of the association for the defense of the homeless Sleep-in, which recently demanded in an open letter to the canton the maintenance in the Lausanne region of 212 emergency accommodation beds linked to the crisis coronavirus.

In the presence of the police, the demonstrators, including activists and sympathizers of the Greve du Vaud Climate displayed banners on the building indicating “Place à l’alternative” or “Lausanne on the move”. Earlier, a “critical mass” of about a hundred cyclists had briefly blocked the crossroads, Keystone-ATS said. The police then blocked the entrance to the building.

“Place of solidarity”

“In addition to an emergency reception place for people who find themselves on the street, this occupied space is an alternative place of cultures, solidarity and struggles,” said the Greve Climate Vaud movement in a statement. He says he supports this occupation as well as Sleep-in’s Call 212.

“Being aware of the material realities, we know that it will not be possible to welcome people with dignity on Monday, the place still to be fitted out (water, electricity, etc.). However, it will be open now to help as best as possible, ”wrote the movement.

He calls on his activists and the entire population to “mobilize and provide support by bringing furniture, cleaning materials, food, mattresses and blankets”. He also calls on State Councilor Rebecca Ruiz for swift measures to permanently maintain the 212 reception beds.

Reception places

As a reminder, the system set up in Lausanne since the beginning of April and planned until the end of May offers 212 reception places spread over six sites.

In addition to the existing night shelters (La Marmotte, Le Sleep-In, Le Répit et L’Etape), in mid-March the City opened 40 additional places in the Bugnon gym and 50 places in the in the Pontaise administrative building.

((ATS / NXP)

Posted: 05/29/2010, 9:07 p.m.

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