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Ask for an appointment and, when the time comes, stop the antenna so that Sílvia Bel or Joan Carreras can recite verses to you by phone. This is the suggestive offer of Poeta de guàrdia, one of the proposals included in the virtual branch of the Temporada Alta festival, A Distància: with the poets Maria Cabrera, Andreu Gomila, Josep Pedrals and Martí Sales as facilitators, six actors will perform ten-minute poetic calls, in the morning and afternoon hours, from Tuesday to Sunday.

These poetic quotes, which are free, were already held during the Grec festival in Barcelona this summer, although Poeta de guàrdia was born during the confinement, as an initiative on Twitter. On the first day closed Pedrals, Sales and Gomila set out to do something for each day we spent confined, and the result was a Twitter account, @poetadguardia, from which about sixty videos were uploaded with various characters reciting poems .

“In parallel, the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris opened a poetry consultation by telephone. The actors who made calls from his company that included a conversation and then a poem in the various languages ​​they speak. The director of El Grec, Francesc Casadesús, commissioned us to adapt the experience “, explains the poet Andreu Gomila.

In the two weeks that these “one-man shows” in El Grec lasted, they made 300 calls, recited 500 poems without repeating any of them, and “we managed not to let anyone hang on to us!”

And it is that practically 40% of the conversations were gifts and surprises that someone arranged to surprise another person. “A call is still very intimate, because we call less and less, and behind each one there was a story: we reconciled couples, we comforted the sick … everything!”, He continues.

They called all over Spain and Catalans living in Mexico or Germany to recite poems by Enric Casasses, Dolors Miquel, Mireia Calafell, Maria Mercè Marçal and Josep Carner. “As an author, I felt very useful in those days. I hope to be able to do it all year round, but in a less intensive way! ”He says.

Those who want to receive a call or order it from someone close can do so from the Temporada Alta website. Once the appointment has been chosen, they will have to fill in a form to give some indication to the organizers and, if they want, choose the theme of the poetry that will be recited by the actors Sílvia Bel, Berta Giraut, Joan Carreras, Aina Huguet, Jordi Oriol and Pau Rock.

In the summer experience, most were free-themed, but there were also many of love and friendship. And, if they really want to be original, don’t fill in the box with a simple “surprise me!”, Which wouldn’t be the first of them.


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