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The Latvian jazz band “Very Cool People” does not intend to stop in their creativity flowing over the edges: a new single and a video clip dedicated to the group’s trumpet player Oskars Ozoliņš have been released in honor of the spring march.

The coolest fans of “Very Cool People” will have already heard the dedication to Oskars Ozoliņš, because the band has played it in all the concerts that have been possible during these times. In them before the composition “Oscar!” Elvis Grafcov, a spokesman for the band and guitar guru, says he wrote the song to call the Oscar “Sound Check” or sound test. “It is vital from time to time, because Oscar is primarily the owner of the kebab empire – a kebab tycoon who regularly flies to Abu Dhabi and Ankara to find out the latest trends in kebab recipes and implement them in his powerful brand food line. His empire stretches from Helsinki to Casablanca and from London to Ankara, ”says the group’s legend.

“This story probably sounds delicious, because it turns out that there are people who have really been looking for Oscar kebabs,” smiles Elvis. “I have told this story on Latvian and Lithuanian televisions, as well as at festivals and concerts in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Hungary and Germany. A Lithuanian, for example, was very angry that Oskars was not in one of the concerts – Andris Augstkalns was playing with us instead – because the song of summoning our trumpet player and kebab magnate had become his favorite “Very Cool People” concert digger, and he came together with the rest of the crowd desperately try to convene the Oscars … He also met us after performing at the festival “Nida Jazz” last August and shouted desperately: “Oscar!”. There was nothing left but to ask him to say a letter to Oscar, which we decided to use as an introduction to the new single, replacing the true words of outrage of a fiery Southern fan with the sounds of Oscar Ozolina’s trumpet. “

The energetically charged single has been made no less enthusiastic video. Oscar depicts it more equal than the others and goes to concerts in a separate car. In addition, he also has a separate “box office” or stage area. The video also depicts the group’s view of the current situation in Latvia and the world caused by the pandemic. Namely, most restaurants and other quality catering brands are denied the opportunity to work, and the only ones that continue to operate successfully are fast food restaurants. As you know, food is a big part of the local culture, as is music and dance, for example. Accordingly, the culture of many nations of the world is currently suffering, so in the commercials accompanying the single, “VCP” musicians are ironic about the advertising campaigns of big corporations and the stories of lucky employees.

The group went even further and created the corporate design logo of the Oscar kebabs with the advertising slogan: “Oskar’s Kebab – Feast Like A Beast!”, As well as printed branded napkins and T-shirts, respectively. “We also wrote Oskar’s Kebab commercials and filmed Oskar’s Kebab commercials, which are correspondingly flashy, on a green background,” continues Elvijs. “The Oscar is portrayed in the advertisement as an Arab sheikh, the boss of the kebab empire. Yes, and logically, the Oskar’s Kebab website is also up and running, where you can try to place orders. ”

Elvijs Grafcovs (guitar), Māris Jēkabsons (tenor saxophone), Kristaps Lubovs (baritone saxophone), Laura Rozenberga (trombone), Oskars Ozoliņš (trumpet), Māris Vitkus (keyboards), Jānis Olekek participated in the recording of the new single (drums). The song was mixed by Andris Buiķis and mastered by Jānis Kalve, the video was filmed and edited by “Kanepes Films” or Aldis and Ieva Kaņepes. This time the development and directing of the idea was undertaken by the group members Elvijs and Oskars.

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