Very fiery confessions.. Who among the actresses refused to kiss her because she smelled bad!.. Watch Adel Imam’s bold response.. You won’t believe who she is!

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The star Adel Imam is considered one of the most prominent actors in the Arab world, as he achieved in his artistic career over more than fifty years a success that surpassed all representatives of his generation and even the later generation.

Although Adel Imam does not like to appear in media programs much, he has some rare media interviews, and despite this, he is reticent about revealing matters that pertain to the personal side.

In a rare dialogue, the leader, Adel Imam, talked about matters related to the artistic side, his artistic beginnings and university days, and the way that led him to acting,

As for the personal aspect, he did not talk much. He was limited to mentioning his children and the name of his wife. As for family relations, he did not address them.

In the meeting, he also talked about the artists he likes to deal with and whom Adel Imam considers to be successful and distinguished actresses.

The interview included an embarrassing question by the presenter: “Who of the actresses who refused to kiss her because she was a monster, or, as it was said at the time, that her smell was not good?

Leader Adel Imam answered the question with boldness and said: “Its smell is not bad, as you said, but I refused to kiss it for another reason. I can’t say what it is.. As for who it is, it is Nahed Yousry.”

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