Very moved, Jacques Séguéla gives (disturbing) news of Bernard Tapie: “He is at home, lying down .. It hurts so much to see him like that … He is in his last fight, he knows it.” – Video

Yesterday, guest of Pascal Praud on CNews, Jacques Séguéla gave disturbing news of Bernard Tapie that he saw last Friday. And it is the broken voice and very moved, that Jacques Séguéla recounted his visit:

“It hurts so much to see him like that… He’s in his last fight, he knows it. Like all his fights, he does it with rage and with a kind of last ardor. He’s got a new treatment. He may be the last. He is at home, lying down. He gets up painfully. He has all his family around him, they are very close. It’s the last fight … We think of him and we love”.

So we talk and each time he talks to me about Mitterrand. I think he is the man who has marked his life the most. And I asked him what he was going to tell him when he was going to meet him up there. And his head turned 100% even though his body let go and he said to me, “Ah! The forces of the spirit …

I asked Bernard Tapie to find out who he would vote for in the presidential election. He thought for a long time and said to me: “I believe that the only one who has the stature and the strength to change France is Emmanuel Macron. Then he almost fell asleep.”

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