Veterantrader publishes an XRP forecast that the XRP community doesn’t like

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Veteran trader Peter Brandt, who is also very well known in the crypto world for his prognoses, has messed with the XRP community with his last XRP forecast.

Does XRP drop to $ 0.20?

Peter Brandt can certainly call himself a veteran trader. In the crypto community, he is known for many of his Bitcoin predictions that have also come true. In addition to Bitcoin, it also provides charts for other top coins such as ETH and XRP. With his last XRP forecast, however, he has not made many friends among the XRP hodlers.

According to his own testimony, he has received a lot of offensive responses from XRP fans, stressing that these people are not polite at all. They are immature and rude to him.

Peter Brandt plans another social media group for the publication of his charts in the future.

What happened?

Before all of this happened, the veteran trader posted a forecast for XRP saying that the third largest coin could soon drop to $ 0.20, which is the low that XRP has been at for a while. However, the price managed to exceed this point for a short time.

“It will be interesting to see if this shoulder-head student will play out. If so, the goal would be 0.2071.

This tweet is a possibility and is not a prediction. ”

In the meantime, however, XRP has gained more liquidity as the index nears another enormous all-time high on the Mexican stock exchange Bitso, around 20 million.

The index value at the time of writing is 18,256,521. The all-time high is 20,391,941, which is very close when you consider that today only 54 percent of the Bito trade was concluded.

The XRP Army on Reddit has received the news very positively, although the XRP liquidity value they are discussing is slightly lower than that shown in the chart, as their chart was released a few hours ago.

A redditor writes:

“I wonder when the mainstream financial media will notice this. XRP currently accounts for more than 10% of transfers in the USD-MXN corridor. My own guess is that it has to be 20 to 30 percent before it gets their attention, and since MoneyGram has about 20 percent (I can’t remember where I got that number from) they would be more partners in this corridor need, but that also means that MoneyGram delivers 50 percent of its volume to Mexico via ODL. ”

Image source: Pixabay / StockSnap


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