Veterinary medicine, constantly updated

01|11|20 19:50 hs.

The sanitary care of domestic animals is something that Gonzales Chaves families have taken as one more priority and to learn details about this reality, La Voz del Pueblo spoke with the veterinary doctor Jorgelina Erdocia.

The professional, who works at the El Refugio veterinary clinic, initially referred to her beginnings in this task when she recalled: “I started in 2004 with my brother, who is also a veterinarian but later, for work and family reasons , went south and I continued alone. It has always been very good for me, I have many clients, “he said, stating that” people care more and more about their pets, giving them a very important place within the family, “which translates into” taking care of them. and in our work. In veterinary medicine much progress has been made and it is getting closer and closer, in terms of its progress, to human medicine ”, he compared.

Later, in reference to the races and their complexity in the sanitary aspect, Jorgelina Erdocia specified that “the pure races are more prone to have diseases that are associated with the race, while the mestizo is stronger due to the intercrossing of the genes and although it also suffers from diseases, the important thing is that more and more people are opting for adoption and not so much for buying purebred puppies ”.

He argued that in addition to animal health, the owners care about aesthetics and hygiene. “In my case, baths and other things are done that not only respond to beauty, but mainly to hygiene, especially in this time of fleas and ticks,” he explained.

He also explained that he is also exclusively dedicated to the profession and sale of medicines, having put aside the commercialization of food and accessories, but clarified that “now Gisele Mariani has incorporated all that part into my store.”

By way of recommendation, he finally stated that “it is important that pets are chastened and taken care of and fundamentally not let loose.”


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