Via Instagram.. Amr Diab’s daughter confirms that she has this disease

The daughter of the Egyptian artist Amr Diab is still causing controversy. After she indicated months ago that her father does not spend on her, but rather depends on herself, she returned today with another statement.

Nour, the daughter of artists Amr Diab and Sherine Reda, confirmed her mother’s words about her having autism, after she allowed her followers to ask questions and send them to her to answer them, through the “Story” feature on her Instagram account.

One of them asked her about the statements of her mother, artist Sherine Reda, who said that her daughter had autism, and she replied that she really wanted to share her experience with this disease at the appropriate time for her.

She also asked the questioner to ask her questions in a comment or through private messages.

“You don’t understand the human beings”

Nour Amr Diab’s mother, actress Sherine Reda, revealed months ago that her daughter suffered from the same disease as the American billionaire, the world’s richest person, Elon Musk.

Nour Amr Diab and her fiancé

And she added during her meeting with the “A Last Word” program, that Nour Amr Diab suffers from a low level of autism, saying: “My daughter does not understand human beings, and if we go out and sit on a table, we can laugh and joke, but she does not understand these needs because she is very serious.”

It is noteworthy that Nour Amr Diab had announced her association with a British young man of African descent, and she also shared with her followers the preparations that she will make for her move to south London.

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