Vice Minister of Youth: “As long as I have an unemployed colleague I will never help a PLD player”

“As long as I have an unemployed partner, I will never help a fighter,” he said this Wednesday. Avril Reyes Rodriguez, Vice Minister of Regional Extension of the Ministry of Youth in his account on the social network Twitter.

The official said she did not understand how there were people with 12 years in the Government who made calls to be left in the positions they occupy or to get another vacancy.

“I don’t understand how they had 12 years in government and they have the nerve to call to be left in office or to help you get a job, as long as I have an unemployed partner I will never help a Pldista. So don’t waste your time with me, ”he wrote on his Twitter account.

On August 17, the president, Luis Abinader, appointed Avril Reyes Rodríguez by decree 330-20 as Vice Minister of Regional Extension of the Ministry of Youth.

The president expressed last Saturday that it is his responsibility as president that things are done in an orderly manner and whoever wants to serve will be able to serve, where they are trained and where they can do a good service to the country, referring to the positions of the institutions public.

He also assured that all those who make up the entities will be servants to help the development of the country.

“We are all servants. Here we came to serve the country, this is not a political booty, “he said.

On August 31, a similar situation arose with the governor of La Vega, Mrs. Luis Jiménez. “Comrades do not despair, have a little calm,” she told her party colleagues, who she guaranteed that they will not be left out of the Government.

Jiménez Cabreja said that no Perremeistas will be left out as long as there are PLD members occupying positions in the Government.

“We will be watching to ensure that there is not a single Perremeist who does not have what has been won in these past elections. We will be defending them, we will be locating them and we will be careful that no one can mistreat them, ”said the Perremeista leader in a public ceremony.


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