VICE PRESIDENT – Margarita on Leonel’s position: CES gathers a broad sector of Dominican society

The vice president of the Republic, Margarita Cedeño, responded to the statements made by her husband, former president Leonel Fernández, who rejected Tuesday night that the Economic and Social Council conduct the dialogue to get out of the political crisis in the country , as the government had proposed.

He said on the point that Fernández raises that in that Economic and Social Council several forces of the nation meet where the business community and other non-governmental organizations meet and “collect, then, a broad sector of Dominican society.”

“But we will see then as political actors to agree,” said Cedeño.

Following the CES proposal made by the government, Fernández warned that this, being a major player in that situation, lacks the legitimacy to lead a dialogue whose purpose is precisely to overcome the crisis of trust and anger that exists with respect to to the government itself and to the authorities of the Central Electoral Board (JCE).

Leonel, presidential candidate of the People’s Force, offered his statements in an address addressed to the country.

The country is in an electoral crisis after the failed elections of February 16, due to problems in the automated voting ballot that was to be implemented in 18 municipalities.


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