Victims of aggression with “devil’s acid” protest in front of Congress

Family members and friends of Yocairi Amarante Rodríguez, who was attacked with “devil’s acid” last September, and other victims of this substance, protested this Saturday morning in front of the National Congress, demanding that those responsible for committing that type of action are sentenced to 30 years in prison.

“We want 30 years,” were some of the phrases uttered by the victims and their families, who say that justice often only imposes minimal penalties on those responsible for this type of incident.

They showed their dissatisfaction with the five-year sentence established by the Penal Code for these types of crimes.

“We want 30 years, justice, a modification to the law and for the sale of acid to be prohibited, ” said Scarlet Mabel Mabel Fernández, Yocairi’s sister.

Regarding the state of her relative, she stated that “She is stable, thank God,” after indicating that although they have made attempts to see her at the health center where she is admitted, they have not yet been able to see her face.

Yocairi was attacked by two men, who were hired by her ex-partner to spray the substance on her. The three are detained, while she is admitted to the Ney Arias Lora Traumatological Hospital waiting for several reconstructive surgeries to be performed on her face.


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