Victoire helps the police, spoilers for the week of October 18, 2021

TOMORROW IS OUR SPOILER. In the episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast from October 18, 2021, the police finally trust Victoire. Summary and spoilers.

[Mis à jour le 15 octobre 2021 à 19h40] This article contains spoilers for the episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast from October 18, 2021 on TF1. Following Judith’s kidnapping, the Josse family is still under suspicion. Especially since before being kidnapped, Judith had recognized the drawing of Victoire representing a logo of the backpack of Noa… But is it really him the culprit? In the episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast from October 18, the young man is ready to do anything to prove the contrary and find his girlfriend, at his own risk. And finally, the police turn to Victoire who may have a lead for the investigation. Who is the criminal who terrorizes Sète? Roxane and Judith’s lives are at stake, but will the police arrive in time to save them?

In the episodes of Plus belle la vie broadcast from October 18, the problems of couples will be in the spotlight. It has been some time since Chloe and Alex got closer, but it will become more and more obvious, and Xavier will not fail to realize it … Moreover, the tensions between the prosecutor and the principal explode when Raphaëlle , Xavier’s ex, gets a possible criminal out of prison. And between Karim and Anna too, nothing is going well. While the police officer is disappointed that Anna refused his offer to have a child and accuses him of putting his work before him, the young psychologist falls under the spell of a complete stranger!

For her part, Audrey despairs of not finding a job. Remember that since his arrival in Sète, nothing has been easy for this character who had to start doing manicures on the beach and leave to replace in Perpignan to meet the needs of his children. But in the episodes of DNA broadcast from October 18, it seems that the tide is turning for the mother. Indeed, a situation as banal as waiting to be served a coffee at the Spoon may allow him to find his true vocation. While Bart is overwhelmed, Audrey takes the initiative to help herself at the bar and with the naturalness and friendliness that characterize her, she even begins to serve other customers. Will Audrey get hired as a waitress?


After having been broadcast for a long time on TF1 every evening from 7.20 pm, Tomorrow belongs to us has slightly changed its schedule in mid-June 2020. Since then, the episodes of DNA have been on the tv program Monday to Friday at 7:10 p.m. on TF1.

Following the new episodes of the series Tomorrow belongs to us on a daily basis on the TV program is not always easy and this is also the case for Plus belle la vie. But TF1 has thought of everything and offers fans the opportunity to find the latest episodes broadcast in replay on your internet boxes but also on its MyTF1 site. Also note that the episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us are available in replay on the subscription streaming platform. jump.

If you are not in front of your television set to watch Tomorrow belongs to us live on TF1, you still have the option of watching the live streaming on the MyTF1 site. To do this, all you need to do is log in via your email or Facebook account and enjoy live streaming on your phone, tablet or computer. And if you missed the broadcast of an episode, you will be able to find the replays of the most recently broadcast episodes in one place no matter what. Also note that the episodes of Tomorrow Belongs to Us are available in advance on the Salto subscription streaming platform.

Broadcast since July 17, 2017, the series Tomorrow belongs to us is based on a large cast of actors. As for the headliners, TF1 has debauched Ingrid Chauvin who plays Chloé Delcourt, the main character of the series. In front of her, we can also note the presence of Alexandre Brasseur in the role of Alex, Chloe’s boyfriend. But we can also find the singer and actress Lorie Pester in the role of Lucie Salducci, lieutenant of the police of Sète. Note also the presence in the cast of Clément Rémiens who won Dance with the stars 9 at the end of 2018. The series also plays a few scenes in the hospital of Sète where we discover Solène Hébert in the role of Victoire Lazzari, intern in the ‘establishment.

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