Víctor Sánchez’s criticism of the Government for its lack of transparency

Criticism of the Government continues to come from all areas and sport is no stranger. Also from this sector, which usually tends to stay out of controversy, voices against the management of the coronavirus pandemic are increasing these days.

On this occasion, it has been Víctor Sánchez del Amo, former coach of Málaga, who has raised his voice to question the transparency of the Executive, who deleted documents referring to the first days of his administration.

“Since the government of Spain justifies the deletion of official documents due to the existence of greater knowledge at present, could we also discredit the results of the last elections because today we voters also have more knowledge about them?” social coach and former soccer player, Sánchez del Amo.

Víctor, who was one of the members of Real Madrid who lifted the European Cup 22 years ago, has been very critical of the Government’s work. In fact, a few days ago he wondered about the possibility of depriving politicians of their privileges if they did not keep their word. .

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